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Each and every day at HIC, Harold Import Co., we aim to bring you the best gourmet kitchen supplies, kitchen tools and gadgets, and food preparation equipment at the most affordable prices. This has been our mission since day one and it’s at the very heart of our family-run business. Contact us at, follow @HaroldImportCo or connect with us at

Tuesday’s Tool: HIC Porcelain Lasagna Pan



Get ready for the holiday season with HIC, Harold Import Co.‘s oven to table porcelain bakeware.  Our HIC Lasagna Pan is a durable and versatile baking dish for lasagna, casseroles, quiche, roasting veggies, making a cake, and more! Measuring 13 X 9 X 2-1/2”, our favorite lasagna pan features a generous depth to support layered recipes, and the easy-hold handles provide a comfortable grip and secure transfer in and out of the oven, and under the broiler.  It comes highly recommended by America’s Test Kitchen/Cook’s Illustrated, especially since it’s broiler safe! This pan transitions beautifully from oven to table.


You can see our entire collection of Lasagna Pans, here

Tuesday’s Tool: TWG, The World’s Greatest Mix’N Masher

twgmixnmasherPotatoes, yams, pumpkin, squash, turnips, parsnips, apples, bananas, and more are easily mixed and mashed in one motion. This time-saving kitchen gadget is perfect for mashing potatoes and other softer cooked foods for deliciously prepared meals.

Extremely easy to use, simply peel, cut, and cook foods until fork tender. Drain well and return them to the pot. Press the wires of the Mix N’ Masher downward and repeat until the desired consistency is achieved.

The sturdy masher simply mashes by pressing the wires into the cooked food until the desired consistency. The specially shaped side wires scrape down the sides of bowls and pots while mixing and mashing to ensure every morsel is processed consistently.

The World’s Greatest 2-in-1 Mix’N Masher is made from FDA-approved 18/8 stainless steel. Rinse immediately before starches harden. Dishwasher safe for a thorough cleaning.

For more information about TWG, The World’s Greatest Mix-N Masher, visit our website. To purchase, click here.




Tuesday’s Tool: Fante’s Mamma Maria’s Mezzaluna



Fante’s Mamma Maria’s Mezzaluna Rocking Chopper quickly transforms ingredients with a speed and efficiency that’s unmatched by knives to save time during food preparation.

Made in Italy, the beautifully curved blade, with its half-moon profile, makes quick work of chopping and mincing foods. Featuring a 9-1/2” stainless steel blade with beechwood handles, this versatile addition to cutlery and chef knives helps prepare quick healthy meals. Use it for mincing and chopping garlic, herbs, fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, even block chocolate, and more. It doubles nicely as a pizza cutter, too. Its ergonomic design is comfortable and easy to use.

To learn more about the Mezzaluna, visit us here. To purchase, visit our Where to Buy page, or here.



Tuesday’s Tool: HIC’s Round Bacon Press



The HIC Cast Iron Bacon Press is a handy cooking tool that ensures bacon is cooked to perfection. The 7.75-inch round, cast iron press with a stay-cool wooden handle, holds bacon flat while cooking, which helps reduce splatter and curling, while creating crispier bacon that cooks more quickly. Because the bacon is held flat against the pan, heat is distributed more evenly, cooking all bacon at the same speed.

The press is ideal for bacon, steaks, pork chops, burgers and panini sandwiches, cooked on the stove or on the grill. It can also be used to press out whey when making cheese or thick yogurt.

Suitable for careful use on nonstick pans, season prior to first use and hand wash.

You can purchase the HIC Cast iron Bacon Press here.

Tuesday’s Tool: The World’s Greatest Bar Tool


Nothing is better than having a multi-functional kitchen gadget that gets the job done, quickly, comfortably, efficiently, and professionally – and it looks cool, too. That’s exactly what makes a great bar tool, and exactly what you’ll get with The World’s Greatest Bar Tool from HIC, Harold Import Co.

It truly is The World’s Greatest. In fact, The World’s Greatest 4-in-1 Bar Tool was recently selected as a 2016 Editors’ Pick in the Housewares Category from The Gourmet Retailer!

This Bar Tool boasts a built-in bottle opener, can opener, fruit and vegetable peeler, and channel knife, all in one ergonomic design.  This versatile 4-in-1 gadget opens cans and bottles, peels produce, creates decorative garnish, and so much more.

The World’s Greatest Bar Tool is an essential addition to any home or professional bar, giving bartenders an advantage when making cocktails. Crafted from Japanese stainless steel for maximum precision and durability, the Bar Tool has a soft-grip handle that prevents slipping while ensuring comfortable use.

It feels comfortable in your hand, performs all the necessary functions when making cocktails, and is compact for easy storing in a drawer or on the counter.

TWGBartool_LemonMaking your special recipe Bloody Mary? No worries. The punch-style can opener easily opens tomato juice.

Adding a lemon twist or other garnishes to your cocktails? The channel knife helps easily create decorative garnishes.

Serving soda or beer, the tool easily pops off bottle caps and opens flip top cans.

The Bar Tool also handy for other entertaining prep, including cutting thin strips of cheese or chocolate, even removing potato eyes.

Great for garage, boat, camper, cooler, tool and tackle box portable coolers, tailgating supplies, tool boxes, and tackle boxes. Hand wash in warm, soapy water.

Head on over to to learn more about all of our innovative line of The World’s Greatest – those which go way above and beyond the normal call of duty — without ever losing sight of functionality.



Tuesday’s Tool: Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Pie Shield



When Life Gives you Apples, Pears and Peaches, Make Pie!

Whichever kind of pie you’re baking, the Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Pie Shield is sure to be one of your favorite pie-baking tools. The new and improved Mrs. Anderson’s Pie Shield fits 9.5-inch and 10-inch pie plates, including those with fluted edges (such as our own Easy as Pie Pie Plate). Simply place the shield over the pie before baking, and the shield keeps crusts from over browning, allowing the pie to rise in the middle while reducing spillage.

Tuesday’s Tool: Fante’s Uncle Paulo’s Cheese Wire


Fante’s Uncle Paulo’s Cheese Wire easily cuts through all types of semi-hard cheeses and allows each slice to be cut to desired thickness. Made in France from stainless steel wire and ABS handles, this essential cheese tool is ideal for professions and cheese connoisseurs alike. Sturdy and durable, the fine gauge wire easily slices through blocks of semi-hard cheeses such as Cheddar, Emmentaler, Gruyère and Swiss. It doubles nicely for portioning soft, creamy cheesecake or cutting batter-based cakes into layers.

You can check out a Cook’s Illustrated review of the cheese wire here.


HIC, Harold Import Co. Announces Website Relaunch


For more than 50 years, chefs around the world – commercial, home or professional – have turned to HIC, Harold Import Co. for the tried-and-true kitchen utensils that are essential for any kitchen. And now, it is easier than ever for chefs to find all that’s needed to prepare meals for everyday or special occasions when using the new HIC, Harold Import Co. website,

Our newly designed website highlights our extensive collection of culinary supplies from our own Family of Brands, our Extended Family of Brands and thousands of gourmet kitchen supplies from leading brands around the world.

The easy-to-navigate site includes full color photos and descriptions of each of the company’s collection of more than 3,000 quality culinary supplies and essential cooking tools to keep you cooking. Whether you’re looking for a gourmet kitchen supplies, porcelain bakeware, grilling tools and accessories, or any of the plethora of other culinary supplies available today, HIC, Harold Import Co., has all the key ingredients for your kitchen.

“The newly design website provides our customers the ability to easy search consumers with the most extensive list of products available,” explains Robert Laub, president of HIC, Harold Import Co. “We have transformed the site from one that provided an overview of our product offerings to one that is a full product site offering detailed product descriptions alongside product imagery of every SKU we offer.”


The new design highlights the extensive collection of brands from HIC, Harold Import Co., including the company’s own Family of Brands:  HIC, Mrs. Anderson’s Baking®, Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen®The World’s Greatest™ Gadgets, Fante’s Italian Home Cooking, Cutlery Pro, Beyond Gourmet and Elizabeth Karmel’s Grill Friends®. The website also features the company’s Extended Family Brands, which represent the most renowned names for your gourmet kitchen including  aerolatte® and Marcato. Visitors can also peruse an array of gourmet kitchen supplies from leading brands from around the world.

In addition to providing and extensive list and description of the company’s full catalog of products, the website highlights the latest New Products, HIC in the Media, Special Events, and a link to our product videos and resources. As an added feature, our Where to Buy* section guides consumers to retailers carrying HIC products. (*Retailers, ask us how your store can be included on the Where To Buy section.)

About HIC

HIC, Harold Import Co. is a third-generation, family-owned and operated business founded in 1957 specializing in gourmet kitchen supplies.

Today, HIC, Harold Import Co. offers thousands of products imported from over 25 different countries on five continents. Products are available worldwide in over 10,000 retail outlets—big and small, on and off-line.  Culinary shops all over the world count on HIC, Harold Import Co. to deliver high-quality kitchenware at the best possible prices

With more than 50 years of experience, HIC, Harold Import Co. team remains dedicated to understanding culinary trends, knowing how a product works, and ensuring that we offer the best product at the best possible price.





HIC, Harold Import Co. Launches The Useful Tool Consumer Newsletter


On May 3, 2016, HIC, Harold Import Co. launched The Useful Tool consumer newsletter, designed to educate consumers about the breadth of products the company offers, while inspiring home chefs with culinary insight, recipes, tips, and so much more.

From prep to cleanup, generations of home cooks and professional chefs know that you can’t have a kitchen without HIC. The company’s wide collection of award-winning products will serve as the springboard for consumer-focused content which include everything from product knowledge to recipes to how-to videos. From time to time, subscribers will enjoy insights from culinary stars including Rose Levy Beranbaum, Elizabeth Karmel, and Helen Chen. We’ll also include interviews with the Fante’s family, inspiration from Mrs. Anderson’s Baking, and insight on pasta-making from Marcato.

Transform your Cooking Experience with HIC, Harold Import Co.

Ever wonder what was the inspiration behind the creation of the product, what your favorite chef’s tool is, how to translate the latest food trends in your own kitchen, or simply where to buy HIC’s products? The Useful Tool will give you just what is needed to transform your home cooking experience. From the latest trends to the most tried-and-true kitchen basics, gourmet kitchen supplies from HIC, Harold Import Co., The Useful Tool newsletter with help you chop, cook, roast, bake, serve and entertain.

The Useful Tool Newsletter will be published monthly. To sign up, visit the HIC Blog, The Useful Tool, and you will be prompted to fill out a form.  Don’t’ delay, sign up now. The first 100 subscribers will be sent a useful tool from the HIC, Harold Import Co. collection.

HIC, Harold Import Co. is a third-generation, family-owned and operated business founded in 1957 specializing in gourmet kitchen supplies. Each and every day at HIC, Harold Import Co., we aim to bring you the best in wholesale cooking supplies, essential cooking tools, and food preparation equipment, all at the most affordable of prices. This has been our mission since our founding in 1957, and it is at the heart of our third generation family-owned and operated business.

Today, we carry over 3,500 home and commercial kitchen supplies from our own brands, exclusive brands, and leading brands from 25 countries. Our Family of Brands include HIC, Mrs. Anderson’s Baking®, Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen®, Fante’s Italian Home CookingThe World’s Greatest™ Gadgets, Beyond Gourmet, and Elizabeth Karmel’s Grill Friends®. Our Extended Family Brands represent the most renowned names for your gourmet kitchen including aerolatte®, Marcato, Cutlery Pro, Catalyst and Infusion Living. Additionally, we carry thousands of gourmet kitchen supplies from leading brands from around the world.

HIC products are available in over 10,000 retail outlets worldwide, so our kitchen supplies are only a short drive or a click away.

For more information, contact

Tuesday’s Tool: Benriner Slicers


You don’t need to be a restaurant chef to appreciate a good mandolin slicer. But, to be truly useful in the kitchen, the mandolin has to be easy to set up, use and clean. That’s why the Benriner continues to be the popular choice for restaurant chefs – and, home chefs alike.

HIC ‘s 3 exclusive Benriner Slicers are now in stock. The slicers are upgraded to provide added easy of use and functionality for anyone who uses them, creating sliced and julienned fruits and vegetables faster than a skilled chef with a sharp knife.

The Benriner Mandoline Slicer (BN64), Benriner Super Mandoline Slicer (BN95), and the Benriner Jumbo Mandoline Slicer (BN120) feature high-quality Japanese steel blade for perfection every time. The straight edge produces clean, even slices; the fine-toothed blade helps produce elegant vegetable garnishes; the medium toothed blade is ideal for creating match stick for stir fry; and the coarse blade makes chunky cuts.

BenrinerEggplantThe Jumbo Mandoline Slicer, is unique in that it is large enough to ensure that you have a unobstructed wide platform for creating eggplant planks, full length fries, or cabbage shreds.

(Note: The Jumbo Slicer does not include the interchangeable blades).

The slicer’s non-skid silicone base secures it in place when in use, and to add to its stability, the side slopes allow for the slicer to sit securely on the bowl. Equipped with a larger, easier-to-grasp safety handle ensures fingers are kept safely away from the blade

To adjust, the larger easy-turn dial adjusts thickness of slices, and with 3 interchangeable blades, the slicer creates multiple cuts quickly and conveniently, transforming fruits and vegetables into consistent sizes for even cooking.

Benriner is truly the slicer to be used every day. The new Benriner slicers are available in white; 3 sizes.

Benriner Mandoline Slicer (BN64) Includes 4 blades; 12 ¾” X 3 ¾”

Benriner Super Mandoline Slicer (BN95) Includes 4-blades; 14 ½” X 5 ¼”

Benriner Jumbo Mandoline Slicer (BN120) Include straight edge blade; 13” X 6 ½”




Tuesday’s Tool: The World’s Greatest™ Handy Dandy Super Slicer

TWGSlicerThe World’s Greatest™ Handy Dandy Super Slicer is just the tool needed to create uniform slices of hard boiled eggs. Simply slip the peeled egg in the spoon, and close the top, the stainless steel blades cleanly slice through the egg. Also perfect for soft fruits including bananas or strawberries, as well as vegetables including mushrooms. It even works with cheese. The handle locks for compact storage.

Tuesday’s Tool: The Ham Rack for a Springtime Buffet


The HIC Ham Rack is the perfect choice for baking, slicing and serving ham for your Easter buffet, or any springtime brunch.

HIC’s Ham Rack is for baking, carving and serving ham, up to 8-pounds. Its unique oval shape securely cradles and elevates any size ham above fats and juices, resulting in faster cooking times and all-over browning. Oven safe to 400-degrees Fahrenheit, it’s the perfect roasting rack for cooking ham from scratch or heating a fully cooked ham. For lunch or brunch, holiday meals, party buffets, or outdoor entertaining, it’s how to bake a ham the easy way.

Designed to offer the perfect angle with better leverage to make carving and slicing easier, especially the more challenging bone-in ham. The wide base adds surefooted stability for less fumbling. Use it to display spiral ham as the centerpiece at holiday meals for a spectacular presentation.

Great for all of the traditional favorites, like baked ham, pineapple glazed ham, smoked ham, and more. HIC’s Ham Rack is sturdy, durable and oven safe to 400-degrees Fahrenheit. It stands 6-inches tall with an oval opening measuring 6-inches x 5-inches. Easy to use and easy to clean. Hand wash in warm, soapy water.


It’s Always Pie Baking Season: A discussion with Rose Levy Beranbaum


Pie is an inviting, homemade and delicious dessert that evokes pleasant memories of home. There is no doubt that Americans love pie, and whether it is sweet or savory, the pie plate is an essential part of the recipe.

With that in mind, we turn to Rose Levy Beranbaum, award winning author of The Baking Bible and The Pie and Pastry Bible, to learn a bit more about how the idea for the Rose’s Perfect Pie Plate came about, and why it is the perfect pie plate for baking delicious pies throughout the year.

HIC: Can you please tell the story of how the idea of a pie plate come about, including what you saw was needed in a pie plate that wasn’t available.

Rose Levy Beranbaum: When teaching students how to make pie crust, the one thing most were intimidated by was making an attractive border. When using a popular pie plate that had a fluted edge, I tried just pressing the dough into the edge, but found that it was so shallow it didn’t hold the impression. Because I found that this pie plate didn’t hold its impression, I reached out to the company and suggested that they make a deeper fluted edge, and also a standard 4-cup pie plate rather than the deep-dish model, but they were not interested in the idea at that time.

I was determined to find a way to create the perfect pie plate, so when I told my dear friend Elizabeth Karmel about my idea of creating the perfect pie plate, she introduced me to Rob Laub, and that’s when my idea began to take form.

From there, I made a prototype. My cousin, Elizabeth Granatelli, who is an artist, brought me some modeling clay so that I could create the exact shape I wanted. She then created the drawings so that it could be reproduced in ceramic.



HIC: What is it about the pie plate that sets it apart from others?

Rose: I designed the fluted rim to form a small flat “shelf” with slightly curved edge so that it would be fluted deeply enough to hold the shape of the dough, but also so that it would neither spread over the edge during baking, nor slide down at the sides. (I find that the dough slides down the sides of the new version of the ‘other’ fluted pie plate, because the fluted edge is straight up and down.)

Another benefit of the fluted rim on my pie plate is that you get extra pie crust to eat — it is the crispest part of the pie crust, which is everyone’s favorite.

Further, the ceramic material is non-stick so that it is easy to remove slices of pie. And it helps to create a crisp bottom crust and even baking throughout. (Note that all pies benefit from setting a foil ring on top to protect the edges from over-baking. I make my own so that it fits the extra wide rim perfectly.)

HIC: Can you tell us a bit about the key features of the pie plate?

Rose: Ceramic is ideal because it releases the pie crust easily and also because it is so beautiful it can be used as a serving dish as well as a pie plate.

The depth of the pie plate and the standard 4-cup volume create the ideal proportion of crust to filling. It also makes it much easier to serve a perfect slice of pie, as pies baked in deeper pie plates more often than not have the filling spilling out of the pie crust.

HIC: Do you have any other tips on creating the perfect pie?

Rose: After rolling and filling the pie crust, cover it and refrigerate for a minimum of 30 minutes to prevent shrinking. Chilling it also helps ensure a flaky baked crust.

The best way to ensure that a pie has a crisp bottom crust is not only to bake it in this ceramic pie plate but also to preheat an oven stone for a minimum of 45 minutes and set the pie plate directly on the oven stone. Alternatively, most ovens allow you to bake right on the floor of the oven. After the first 20 minutes, raise the pie to a higher shelf to complete the baking.

Of course a pie crust should be delicious to eat and also tender and flaky but strong enough to hold together well to transfer to the pie plate and to make lattice strips.

My favorite pie crust recipe fills this criteria. To ensure that it is at its best, weigh the ingredients and add as little extra flour as possible. But if working in a hot kitchen and the dough softens, refrigerate it until firm.

If you’re baking a pie today, or any day, be sure to have all the best tools. Head on over to to view all of Rose’s baking tools, as well as HIC’s collection of baking tools and accessories from Mrs. Anderson’s Baking.

The Lagerhead Black & Tan Turtle


Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day – enjoy two great beers in one glass!

Create a classic Black and Tan – or Half and Half as the Irish call it – with the Lagerhead Black & Tan Turtle. This innovative turtle shaped tool helps make for ease when pouring a Black and Tan or other layered beers.


To use, fill a pint glass halfway with a pale ale, then place the Turtle on the rim. The legs hold the tool on the rim, and the shape of the turtle body fits inside a pint glass helping facilitate the layering of the stout beer. As the stout pours over the turtle’s shell, it transforms the stream of stout allowing it to create a layered look, rather than mixing with the lighter beer.

For added convenience, the turtle mouth serves as a bottle opener. Use in the kitchen, bar, or the game room. Made from premium grade stainless steel.




For more information, you can view the Lagerhead Black & Tan Turtle here on


Tuesday’s Tool: Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen Easy Stir-Fry Sauce Bottle

One Bottle, Four Sauces, Endless Opportunities

HAKEasyStirFryBottle 500We’re still celebrating Chinese New Year, making Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen Easy Stir Fry Sauce Bottle a perfect kitchen accessory for enjoying the new year. Check out our full selection of Asian kitchen tools here.

Helen’s Asian Kitchen Easy Stir-Fry Sauce Bottle is designed to gives you four different sauces, but endless opportunities for meals when you match them with meat, vegetables, poultry or fish. Helen also suggests to use these sauces with stir-fry noodles, or to marinate meat for a Shish Kebab, or fish for steaming.

Sichuan Black Bean sauce is a spicy sauce, but you can control the amount of spice. The fermented black beans add a more robust flavor to what is being prepared.

Canton Oyster sauce is a milder sauce and is a flavor profile representing southern Cantonese cooking that uses little, if any, hot spices. It is a lighter sauce that allows the flavor from veggies, shrimp, scallops, or meat to come through.

Beijing Hoisin sauce is a northern style sauce that is popular around Beijing. It is not overly spiced either, but uses a fair amount of fermented soy bean to add flavor

Mandarin Orange is typical from the middle of the country around Shanghai, and tends to be a bit sweeter than those sauces found elsewhere in China. Not particularly spicy, this sauce can do everything other sauces can do.

What Helen Chen Likes about the Stir-Fry Sauce Bottle

According to Helen, who uses this bottle in her own home, “The great thing about this bottle is that it is a kitchen tool that gives consumers an easy, versatile and convenient way to create healthy sauces.

Ease of Use: With just a few ingredients on hand, you can quickly make a delicious sauce. Simply follow the recipe on the bottle.

Versatility: These four different sauces give anyone the opportunity to try different flavors: one day it could be Beef and Broccoli with a Canton Oyster sauce, and next week beef and broccoli with a different sauce — but the technique is the same. You can then make your own adjustments with fresh chili peppers, chili garlic sauce, Sriracha sauce, hot pepper flakes, or Tabasco sauce.

Convenience: Knowing the master stir fry sauce gives a good firm base from where to start experimenting. This bottle, with it’s convenient marking on the side, helps anyone expand their meal choices.  And, because you can keep pre-made sauces and store them in the bottle for for 2-3 months, it’s a convenient way to whip up a meal any time.”


HIC, Harold Import Co. Signs Deal as Exclusive Supplier for Marcato Line of Italian Made Products


(January, 2016) Building on a tradition that began three generations ago, HIC, Harold Import Co. is proud to announce that as of January 1, 2016, the company will be the exclusive supplier of Marcato products here in the U.S. Marcato S.P.A. is the leading manufacturer in the world of machines and accessories for fresh pasta, biscuits, bread and pizza.

HIC, Harold Import Co. has a three-decade relationship with Marcato, providing the company’s retail customers with pasta machines and accessories from this iconic brand since the 1990’s.

“With this new agreement, we are excited to offer our customers a full range of products from this iconic brand,” explains Robert Laub, president, HIC, Harold Import Co. “Like HIC, Marcato is a family run business, and our long-standing relationship with Marcato has set the groundwork for our new agreement in which HIC, Harold Import Co. will be the exclusive supplier of Marcato products in the U.S. As the the full line source for all Marcato products in the U.S., we are confident that our partnership will prove to be a successful brand-building venture.”

Tacapasta 011


Marcato’s history began in 1930 when Otello Marcato started producing pasta machines in a small workshop behind his house. His dream was to bring the authentic flavor of life in the kitchen – recipes, floury hands and smiles at the table – into every family.

“We are keenly interested in strengthening our relationships with retailers and consumers, and our confident that our agreement with HIC is a perfect way to continue to build the Marcato brand in the U.S.,” explains Giacomo Marcato, vice president, Marcato, S.p.A. “In addition to offering a full range of products to the U.S. market, we are dedicated to strengthening our relationship with retailers, supporting them with exciting brand-building opportunities including product training, in-store demonstrations, and consumer outreach programs,” Marcato added.

Under the agreement, HIC, Harold Import Co. will offer an extensive collection of high-quality and colorful Marcato products including the world-famous Atlas 150 pasta machine along with its 13 accessories for creating pasta of different thickness, cuts and shapes. Also available is a Ravioli Tablet, the Pasta Drying Rack, Pasta Rake, and Dispenser, in addition to Marcato’s Biscuit Maker – all made in Italy at the family factory.

HIC, Harold Import Co. offers the best culinary supplies, essential cooking tools, gourmet kitchen supplies and food preparation equipment at the most affordable prices. With more than 3,000 culinary supply products from the company’s own brands, exclusive brands, and top brands, HIC products are available in over 10,000 retail outlets worldwide.

Marcato will be holding a demo in the Kitchen Theater on Saturday, January 16th from 1:30-2:30 during the AmericasMart Atlanta. During the International Home + Housewares Show, held in Chicago this March, Chef Fabio Vivani, chef, culinary personality, restaurateur and cookbook author, will be at the HC, Harold Import Co. booth demonstrating Marcato products, signing books and sharing stories about Italy. Stay tuned for more details on this fun event.

For more information, contact HIC, Harold Import Co., at 800-526-2163. For media inquiries, contact Laura Everage,, 415-306-4546.


HIC Acquires Beyond Gourmet Brand


HIC, Harold Import Co., has acquired the Beyond Gourmet brand of environmentally-friendly, healthy cooking and baking products from A.V. Olsson Trading Co., Inc., a family-owned business that imports fine dairy products, Skansen herring, and other Swedish goods, in addition to the Beyond Gourmet line of products. The Beyond Gourmet line includes unbleached Parchment Paper, Baking Cups, Cheese Cloth, and Coffee Filters.

As of December 7, 2015, the Beyond Gourmet line will become a brand of the New Jersey-based HIC, Harold Import Co., joining the company’s growing family of brands which include HIC, Mrs. Anderson’s Baking®, Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen®, The World’s Greatest™ Gadgets, Fante’s Italian Home Cooking, and Elizabeth Karmel’s Grill Friends®.

BeyondGourmetBakingCups “The addition of Beyond Gourmet to our own family of brands is in line with our commitment to bringing high quality products at great prices to the home and professional chef,” explains Robert Laub, president of HIC, Harold Import Co. “We have been distributing the Beyond Gourmet line since it was introduced, and are excited to now have this popular line as our own, further building on the company’s commitment to providing environmentally-friendly, healthy cooking and baking products to our customers. We look to continue to develop the brand with truly unique products that are environmentally friendly.”

Beyond Gourmet was established in 1995 in order to bring high quality, environmentally-friendly cooking and baking products to U.S. consumers. At the forefront of the unbleached paper movement, Beyond Gourmet remains committed to bringing a better product for a cleaner, safer environment. In fact, Beyond Gourmet’s first product, unbleached Parchment Paper, remains one of the brand’s most popular items today.


According to Ken Olsson, president of A.V. Olsson Trading Co., Inc., the decision to sell the Beyond Gourmet brand is in line with the company’s renewed focus on the global dairy trade. In the coming year, Olsson will also serve as the president of the Cheese Importers Association of America.

“When deciding to to sell Beyond Gourmet, we knew that HIC was the right candidate to take the brand into the future. When we launched the Beyond Gourmet brand 20 years ago, Harold Import Co. was our first customer,” explains Olsson. “Through the years Robert Laub has been integral in helping us develop the line by suggesting items, providing insight into market positioning, and introducing us to suppliers to produce the product.”

HIC, Harold Import HIC, offers the best culinary supplies, essential cooking tools, gourmet kitchen supplies and food preparation equipment at the most affordable prices. With more than 3,000 culinary supply products from the company’s own brands, exclusive brands, and top brands, HIC products are available in over 10,00 retail outlets worldwide.BeyondGourmetCheesecloth

For more information, contact HIC, Harold Import Co., at 800-526-2163. For media inquiries, contact Laura Everage,, 415-306-4546.

Tuesday’s Tool: The Original JarPop JarKey


The Original JarPop JarKey by Brix, one of HIC, Harold Import Co.’s brands, was recently chosen as a recommended pick by Cook’s Illustrated, receiving three stars for comfort, and three stars for ease of opening. The review, which appeared in the July/August 2015 issue, involved testing of seven jar openers on jars of all shapes, sizes, and materials to find the best all around pick. To read the Jar Openers review in the July/August 2015 issue, visit Cook’s Illustrated online.

JarKeyJarKey is often referred to as the World’s Easiest Jar Opener due to its patented design that fits all traditional preserving jars. It quickly and effortlessly pops the vacuum seal, making it easy to open the lid with no twisting or gripping. The unique design features a special three-point principle that ensures the vacuum is released, allowing for a gentle lift without damaging the lid. It is made of high density ABS plastic and has has no sharp edges or points or moveable parts. Fits all traditional preserving jars. Available in an array of fun colors, included frosted.

Cook’s Illustrated/America’s Test Kitchen (ATK) is constantly in search of products that offer the best value and performance. As part of their testing process, ATK strives to figure out why one product is better than another, and to explain that reason to its readers. Because they accept no advertising, Cook’s Illustrated provides completely unbiased, no-nonsense product reviews.

In the near future, Christopher Kimball, founder, America’s Test Kitchen, will appear on the The Rachael Ray Show talking about his favorite gadgets, including the JarKey. Air date is yet to be released.

For more information on the Original JarPo JarKey by Brix, contact Laura Everage, 415-306-4546