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The Season of Seafood

As the seafood season heats up, what better time than now to stock up on all things related to prepping, serving and eating seafood. The Maine Man brand of seafood accessories is here to help you crack, dip, shuck, flip, and eat your seafood. Maine Man branded items are the superstars of the sea – and the kitchen. Clean, prepare and consume seafood at home with the Maine Man, and bring the flavors of the sea to your table. 

Maine Man’s set of 4 Seafood Forks loosen and retrieve every delicious bite from shellfish without it being damaged. The double prongs and angled head gently separate the delicate meat away from the shell and retrieve it. The 6.5”L forks feature a comfort silicone grip that remains slip-free, even when hands are wet. Easily enjoy every succulent bite of lobster, crab, oysters, clams, and more. Made from extra sturdy 18/8 stainless steel and silicone, Maine Man’s Seafood Forks are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. 

Ideal for cleaning and peeling shrimp, opening crab, lobster, crawfish, and more, the Maine Man’s Seafood Shears are designed for opening shells and removing the delicate meat from inside without it becoming damaged. The curved blades feature tapered tips for reaching into tight areas. The sawtooth edge helps crack shells easily. Made from extra sturdy 2.5mm thick 18/8 stainless steel with an ergonomic ABS grip, the shears remain slip-free, even when hands are we. The shears measure 7.25-inches long.

Keep your clothes clean while enjoying crab, lobster, shellfish, linguini with clam sauce, and other messy foods with Maine Man’s Crab Bibs. Made from plastic;, the set includes 12 bibs, each measuring 15 x 17-inches. The extra-large size covers more area to protect clothing, and the soak-proof surface prevents sauces, drawn butter, seafood, shell particles, beverages, and more from soaking through. Disposable for easy cleanup.

Maine Man’s Fish Spatula is for lifting and turning delicate fish and draining cooking oils and liquids for easy serving. Made from 18/8 stainless steel with a rosewood handle, the spatula measures 11.25” long. The angled blade easily slides under fish and gently lifts it without it breaking apart. The slotted design drains liquids freely yet cradles fish securely. Ideal for whole or filleted fish, omelets, crepes and eggs, burgers, hash browns, and grilled sandwiches.

Preparing and serving seafood requires a specific set of tools, each designed to perform a specialized task. That’s why HIC— Harold Import Company offers the Maine Man collection of seafood tools and accessories, which was created to ensure any seafood lover can easily prepare and serve seafood at home.