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Celebrating Earth Day 2021

The 51st Earth Day celebration arrives on April 22nd, and we continue to be reminded the importance of the environmental movement. As citizens of the Earth, we are asked to make choices that will lesson our individual, and collective, footprints on our planet.

Here at HIC — Harold Import Company, we continue to do our part. We know that you care about helping preserve our natural resources and saving our environment because so do we. We also know that you are committed to giving your family the best. That’s why we are proud to have the Beyond Gourmet line of cooking and baking accessories, which are made with 100% unbleached materials, as part of our Family of Brands. Here are a few ways to help you celebrate Earth Day every day.

Beyond Gourmet Unbleached Nut Milk Bag is for straining, draining, sieving and filtering out pulp and skins while allowing liquids to flow through. Made from 100% unbleached polyester knitted fabric, the bags are designed to allow you to easily make silky homemade almond milk and cashew milk without any pulp or bits of debris. Easy to clean, by rinsing, or in the machine.

Beyond Gourmet’s plant-based Compost Bags are OK Compost and Home OK Compost Certified for easily composting food scraps at home. Made from 0.018mm-thick PBAT, PLA, and corn starch, each bag holds up to 3.5 gallons. The bags compost into water and carbon dioxides within 3 months in industrial facilities. Home compost times vary with soil temperature and humidity.

Beyond Gourmet’s Non-Stick Parchment Paper Sheets keep foods from sticking without greasing baking pans or the use of oils. Made in America of natural unbleached paper with nonstick silicone coating for quick release of food, the pre-cut sheets fit standard 13-inch x 18-inch baking sheets.

Beyond Gourmet Produce Bags (set of 5) are sturdy bags with a locking drawstring to keep contents in. The decorative color bands help identify bag size and classify food types. The set of 5 bags includes: 1 small – 8″ tall x 12″ wide 2 medium – 13″ tall x 12″ wide 2 large – 16.25″ tall x 12″ wide Plus 1 reusable storage bag – 8″ x 7″. Machine washable for easy cleaning, then hang dry.

At Beyond Gourmet, we are committed to providing environmentally-friendly, healthy cooking and baking products that help protect our precious resources through the use of sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.

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Happy Earth Day!

April Showers Bring May Flowers

With more and more consumers baking, cake decorating continues to be front and center. As home bakers seek online instruction and inspiration for creating professional quality decorating results, HIC— Harold Import Company is here to provide you with everything you need to take pastry decorating to a new level. Our fine collection of pastry decorating tips and bags are just what you need to bring a colorful bouquet of flowers to anything you’re decorating.

Mrs. Anderson’s Pastry Decorating Tips are for effortless cake decorating, and delivering icing, fillings and whipped cream exactly where needed. Made from 18/8 stainless steel, the set is ideal for detailed cake designs and lettering, piping icing, filling baked goods with pastry cream Set includes 26 decorating tips, a flower nail, coupler, and reusable storage case.

Beautiful buttercream blooms with detailed centers and petals provide that extra special touch. With Mrs. Anderson’s Russian Decorating Tips you’ll easily produces beautiful results just like the pros. Made from 18/8 stainless steel, the set includes 6 Russian decorating tips.

The Mrs. Anderson’s Pastry Bag is an essential decorating tools for delivering icing, fillings and whipped cream exactly where needed. Made from natural cotton with a BPA-free plastic lining, the reusable bags are durable and won’t stretch or balloon.

Mrs. Anderson’s Decorating Kit with disposable pastry bags easily decorates and finishes foods with an extra special touch without the messy cleanup. The set includes 3 reusable tips (big star, little star, and writing tip) and 24 disposable bags with extra-strong seams that will not balloon or burst open. 

HIC — Harold Import Company has all you need for decorating your baked goods. Head on over to and explore.