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Tuesday’s Tool: Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen Easy Stir-Fry Sauce Bottle

One Bottle, Four Sauces, Endless Opportunities

HAKEasyStirFryBottle 500We’re still celebrating Chinese New Year, making Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen Easy Stir Fry Sauce Bottle a perfect kitchen accessory for enjoying the new year. Check out our full selection of Asian kitchen tools here.

Helen’s Asian Kitchen Easy Stir-Fry Sauce Bottle is designed to gives you four different sauces, but endless opportunities for meals when you match them with meat, vegetables, poultry or fish. Helen also suggests to use these sauces with stir-fry noodles, or to marinate meat for a Shish Kebab, or fish for steaming.

Sichuan Black Bean sauce is a spicy sauce, but you can control the amount of spice. The fermented black beans add a more robust flavor to what is being prepared.

Canton Oyster sauce is a milder sauce and is a flavor profile representing southern Cantonese cooking that uses little, if any, hot spices. It is a lighter sauce that allows the flavor from veggies, shrimp, scallops, or meat to come through.

Beijing Hoisin sauce is a northern style sauce that is popular around Beijing. It is not overly spiced either, but uses a fair amount of fermented soy bean to add flavor

Mandarin Orange is typical from the middle of the country around Shanghai, and tends to be a bit sweeter than those sauces found elsewhere in China. Not particularly spicy, this sauce can do everything other sauces can do.

What Helen Chen Likes about the Stir-Fry Sauce Bottle

According to Helen, who uses this bottle in her own home, “The great thing about this bottle is that it is a kitchen tool that gives consumers an easy, versatile and convenient way to create healthy sauces.

Ease of Use: With just a few ingredients on hand, you can quickly make a delicious sauce. Simply follow the recipe on the bottle.

Versatility: These four different sauces give anyone the opportunity to try different flavors: one day it could be Beef and Broccoli with a Canton Oyster sauce, and next week beef and broccoli with a different sauce — but the technique is the same. You can then make your own adjustments with fresh chili peppers, chili garlic sauce, Sriracha sauce, hot pepper flakes, or Tabasco sauce.

Convenience: Knowing the master stir fry sauce gives a good firm base from where to start experimenting. This bottle, with it’s convenient marking on the side, helps anyone expand their meal choices.  And, because you can keep pre-made sauces and store them in the bottle for for 2-3 months, it’s a convenient way to whip up a meal any time.”