Upgrading Flavor with Specialty Salt and Pepper

As food tastes evolve, home cooks are continually taking a closer look at the ingredients they use when preparing meals. With growing knowledge of ingredients, home chefs realize that using better-quality ingredients can raise the bar on the final results.  When it comes to everyday table salt and pepper, home chefs are embracing different varieties in an effort to add subtle nuances of flavor to their creations. From Maldon Sea Salt to Pink Peppercorns, HIC has the tools you need to store and serve a wide range of specialty salt and pepper.

HIC Kitchen’s Salt Shaker and Peppermill is made from rubberwood with a ceramic grinding mechanism that is strong, durable, and will never corrode. The set includes 6-inch salt shaker and adjustable peppermill. Sprinkle salt and grind fresh pepper. Easily adjust the peppermill to various textures, ultra-fine to coarse, with a quick turn of the locking nut. Perfect for indoor or outdoor entertaining.

HIC Kitchen’s Fine Porcelain Mortar and Pestle Set for grinding items into a fine paste or powder. Made from fine-quality porcelain, you can quickly grind and break down delicious pepper and salt varieties, then add directly to your dish, or use when creating an aromatic dry rub or delicious curry pastes.

Helen’s Asian Kitchen Bamboo Salt Box with Spoon stores all types of cooking salts conveniently within reach and portions it out as needed. Made from 100-percent natural bamboo, the salt box features a rotating magnetic lid for easy access, along with a matching spoon. Perfect for indoor or outdoor cooking and entertaining.

HIC’s Diner Style Square Salt and Pepper Shaker is a classic way to serve salt and pepper. Featuring a traditional diner-style shape, the glass shaker, with stainless steel lid, is the perfect addition to the table

HIC Kitchen’s set of 3 Condiment Funnels with handles are for easily refilling containers with liquid and dry ingredients with less mess. Made from stainless steel, the set includes 1 each 0.5-ounce, 0.75-ounce, and 2-ounce funnels.

Head on over the www.HICKitchen for all your cooking, baking and serving needs.

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