A Clean Kitchen

Of all the rooms in your home, the kitchen needs cleaning every day. And, with our extensive array of home cleaning products, HIC — Harold Import Company helps turn the drudgery of cleaning the kitchen into a simple and effective task. If you’re looking for home cleaning products to clean up countertops and sinks, refresh coffee makers and floors, scrub your pans and make your wine glasses sparkle, we’ve just what you need. 

HIC Vegetable Scrubber and Dish Brush is made from natural Tampico bristles and wooden handle, that won’t scratch surfaces. Ideal for use on dishes, pots, pans, bakeware and even household chores.  Also handy for cleaning dirt from produce. The shorter handle allows for a secure grip for vigorous scrubbing tasks. Safe for use on nonstick cookware. The scrubber measures 2.5 X 2.5″.

HIC Kitchen Natural Bristle Vegetable and Dish Brush with Handle is perfect for cleaning fresh produce, scrubbing dishes, and so much more. Made from Tampico bristles and a wooden handle, the brush wont scratch surfaces while thoroughly cleaning. Measures 10.5″ long.

Maintaining a clean coffee grinder ensures you’ll enjoy flavorful coffee when you need it. HIC Kitchen’s Coffee Grinder Brush is made from nylon bristles with a natural wood handle. The durable and flexible brush allows you to easily clean both blade and burr-style grinders, removing finely ground coffee dust that may lead to clogging. 

Beyond Gourmet’s Nature-Fresh Cleaning Cloths (set of 3) are specially designed to clean any surface. The reusable cloths, measuring 9.5 x 11-inches each, rinse 99.9-percent germ free in tap water. Their natural bacteria-fighting qualities prevent cloths from turning sour or holding onto odors. Proudly made in Maine (USA) from sustainably sourced natural wood fibers, the reusable cloths are compostable, strong, and durable. Each cloth replaces more than 40 rolls of paper towels to help reduce waste.

It may be a dirty job, but with HIC —Harold Import Company’s kitchen cleaning products, you’ll be taking this daily task with style and ease. Let us help you efficiently clean the most-used rooms in the house. Visit HICKitchen.com today!

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Each and every day at HIC, Harold Import Co., we aim to bring you the best gourmet kitchen supplies, kitchen tools and gadgets, and food preparation equipment at the most affordable prices. This has been our mission since day one and it’s at the very heart of our family-run business. Contact us at www.haroldimport.com, follow @HaroldImportCo or connect with us at www.facebook.com/haroldimportcompany

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