aerolatte® French Press Cafetiere


From pour-over to pods, and from drip to French Press, there are many ways to brew a cup of coffee. Each method has its own distinct results, and each requires varying degrees of effort.

For anyone who appreciates a method that extracts the full flavor and aroma of coffee, while enjoying a bit of hands-on attention, the French Press is often their method of choice.

First patented by Milanese designer Attilio Calimani in 1929, the French Press continues to reign as one of the favorite ways to brew coffee due to its ease of use, simplicity, and ability to produce a great cup of coffee.

Ideal for anyone who enjoys the experience of brewing by hand, this simple, few-step French press brewing process does not require much when it comes to training, yet gives the user a bit more control in the final results.

The idea is simple, grind the coffee, place a measured amount in the pot, and fill with the proper amount of water. By allowing the water and grinds to sit in the press, the oils and flavors of the coffee enter the water and produce delicious results.

There are numerous French Press pots available on the market, but what makes the aerolatte® French Press Cafetiere a step above others are the little design tweaks that take some of the guess out of the French Press brewing method.

Before we get to the features of the aerolatte French Press Cafetiere, remember that you have to start with a great grind. (The ideal French Press grind is uniform large particles.)

Once you have the perfect grind, you’ll need to properly measure the coffee and match that with the right amount of water.

The aerolatte French Press comes with a unique measuring gauge for water levels printed right on the glass. By using this guide, and the coffee measuring scoop (which comes with the press), you can easily brew perfect coffee.

aerolattePressMeshAnother important feature to look out for when it comes to the French press is the filter. A high-quality filter design easily pushes grinds to the bottom of the pot, while ensuring that no grinds escape into the brew. Of course, that’s exactly what you will find on the aerolatte – a built-in mesh plunger that pushes grounds to the bottom of the pot and captures unwanted grounds as you pour.

But, for those occasional escaping grounds, the lid is equipped with a coffee grounds microfilter spout. This is a secondary filter that prevents any grinds entering your cup of coffee and helps create a superior beverage.

aerolattePressGlassOnce you’re finished with your coffee, it’s time to clean the pot. aerolatte’s French Press is easy to use and clean. The high-heat borosilicate glass beaker is dishwasher safe, and easily lifts out of the stainless steel frame for quick cleanup. Hand wash all other parts in warm, soapy water.

The aerolatte French Press is available in four sizes – 3, 5, 7 or 8 cup. If you’d like to learn more about the aerolatte French Press from Gary and Alan, click through on the link below and choose “How to make French press coffee with aerolatte” from the playlist.

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