Welcome to The Useful Tool, HIC—Harold Import Company’s official blog

Welcome culinary aficionados. Welcome beginner chefs. Welcome bakers, briners, brewers, and basters. Welcome annual holiday chef, whom vows to master all things in the kitchen just once a  year. Welcome curious cook, considering a journey into the world of foodie adventures.

We are HIC—Harold Import Co., a third-generation, family-owned and operated business founded in 1957 specializing in gourmet kitchen supplies. Our first product was a white porcelain dinnerware plate and, a half century later, this is still one of our most popular items. Today, we offer over 3,500 products imported from over 25 different countries on five continents, including the USA. Our products are available worldwide in over 10,000 retail outlets—big and small, on and off-line.

We’re launching The Useful Tool blog in the spring of 2013 as a vehicle to share our experiences with you. An outlet to provide a behind the scenes look at what we do and where the heart of our products come from, including stories and recipes from dear friends and chefs we’ve been blessed to meet along the way. We hope you enjoy The Useful Tool, named for what we aim to do – Three generations of bringing useful kitchen tools with quality and value to our customers. We encourage you to share your feedback.  Let us know what you’d like to learn more about and how we can improve.  We’re excited and humbled to share with you.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to The Useful Tool, HIC—Harold Import Company’s official blog

  1. Mommie

    Excellent introduction blog! So glad you offer this forum as I’m looking forward to reading more 🙂
    I wonder if you could help me with a product search? I’m looking for glass dessert dishes that I haven’t seen. They would be multi purpose and look as great with a slice of lemon mirange pie as they do with a scoop of frozen yogurt. A design challenge, right?

    1. Harold Import Co. Post author

      Rhonda, you’re so welcome. Thank you for your kind words. Offering helpful, functional products is our passion. Please reach out with questions any time, and let us know what you enjoy and what you’d like to see more of. We welcome you to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ if you’re hanging out there too! We wish you a plethora of joyous cooking!

    2. Harold Import Co. Post author

      Rhonda, you’re welcome! We sure appreciate your feedback, it’s such a joy to connect with you. Please keep in touch and let us know if there are any cooking how-to’s or recipes you’d like to learn more about and we’ll work to help you. Happy Cooking! – Nicole, from HIC


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